5 Unique Uses For Stone Countertops

It’s no doubt that a beautiful stone countertop is the focal point to any kitchen or bathroom. But did you know that natural stone like marble, granite, and quartz, can be used just as effectively outside of the kitchen or bath, in other areas of the home? At Granite & Marble Works with just a little creativity, natural stone countertops can be repurposed to add unique decorative touches to any room. Consider these possibilities:

Stone fireplace mantleFireplace Surround and Mantle Tops
A decorative stone fireplace can be the showcase of any grand living room or master bedroom. Try framing the hearth in large panels of ornate granite for a dramatic finish, or install a slab of simple, yet elegant white marble for a mantle top. The stone will serve as a nice contrast to the fire, and because natural stone conducts heat well, it holds up very nicely against the heat of the flames.

Update the look of your existing living room coffee table, hall accent table, or even your office desk with a natural stone tabletop. Choose a piece of stone that matches the size and surface of your table and breathe fresh life into your old furniture by switching the existing tabletop for stone with a pop of color for an instant conversation piece.

Accent Shelves
Large stone countertops can be cut, polished, and mounted to create elegant shelving for any room of the house. Whether to add storage to an office, showcase decor in the living room, or serve as a an informal mail station in the entryway, stone accent shelves are a great addition to any room with a myriad of design possibilities: Long, thin pieces of marble can be mounted with understated brackets to add storage to an office or bathroom for a sleek design, while a vibrant slab of granite can be mounted with ornate brackets to showcase antiques in the living room.

Wall Art
Steal a simple design trend from the world’s leading hotels and celebrate nature’s beauty by installing a slab of natural stone for artistic display. Every intricate slab of stone is a natural work of art. The slab can be installed as a focal point of a living room, entry way, or master bedroom. To get the most out of your wall art, pick a vibrant slab of stone with unusual colors or patterns that speaks to you and coordinates with your existing decor.

Stone’s natural durability allows it to withstand the elements in outside installations. Whether being used as a ornamental bench top to a quaint garden bench, decorative stepping stones, or as an accompaniment to an outdoor kitchen (such as a granite countertop), you can be sure your stone accents will look as beautiful outdoors as they do inside, and be able to withstand the elements.

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