How To Choose The Stone For Your Countertop

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Island CountertopGranite countertops are beautiful and highly durable. Marble counters add a luxurious feeling to any room. Quartz counters tend to offer a consistent look and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. And then there’s limestone, onyx, soapstone and numerous other types of stone that offer their own benefits.

With so many options, how is someone supposed to choose which stone to have installed in their home? Our recommendation is to keep an open mind and to ask any questions you have.

Keep An Open Mind

The one thing that you should be sure of when looking into new counters is that you need new counters. After that, it’s best to keep an open mind regarding what type of stone you will decide on. If you don’t, you may still end up with beautiful looking counters, but it’s possible that by keeping your options open you may find:

  • a slab of a different type of stone that more closely matches the style and color you were dreaming about
  • a stone that provides everything you were looking for in a counter, but at a much lower cost
  • a stone that provides a better blend of benefits (hardness, resistance to staining, upkeep) for your particular use

It’s fine to have an idea of what you want in a counter, and to have a preference based on what you have seen in friends’ homes and display homes. But it’s wise to bring that information with you to your professional importer and fabricator of stone and have an honest discussion. Sometimes you will end up with what your initial preference was, but many times what you end up buying may be different than what you had in mind when you began your countertop search. In fact, many of our most satisfied customers came in looking for one stone and ended up with another, and often times they saved money.

Ask Any Question You Have Regarding Stone Countertops

Having new countertops installed is an investment in your home, and it is important that you get what you want. That’s why any question you have should be asked. The last thing you want is to have any regrets after your new countertops are installed. Whether you have questions regarding where the stone, the installers who will be in your home, the installation process or any warranty, before you make a buying decision make be sure that you have all the information you need.

Some of the best questions we get asked regarding stone countertops and the installation process are:

  • Where does the stone come from?
  • How do I clean and maintain the stone over time?
  • Does this type of stone counter need to be sealed?
  • How will this stone age?
  • Does it seem like this type of stone goes out of style?
  • What will the total cost be, with stone, fabrication and installation?
  • Do you outsource the installation process? (Granite and Marble Works does not)
  • Can you show us examples of your previous work?

Still not sure what stone will be best for your countertop? Please contact us. Our professionals are happy to walkthrough the benefits of each type of stone to make sure that you make the right decision for your counter.

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