Advantages To Working With A Local Stone Company

Why choosing a local company for your counters makes sense

employee in front of Granite and Marble Works van

Granite and Marble Works is part of the local community, and for over 20 years we have been working with your neighbors and favorite businesses to provide them with quality stone and exceptional customer service. They have chosen us because of our craftsmanship, professionalism and integrity. And while working with us, they experienced some of the benefits of choosing a local company for their stone slabs, installation and service.

What are these advantages? We put together some of the most important reasons locals have chosen us for their slabs to be used in residential kitchens and bathrooms or even commercial projects. They include:

  • Very convenient to select the perfect stone for your project. If your stone company is within a short drive, you can visit the showroom and spend more time viewing all the slabs available for you to choose from. If needed, it’s real easy to make multiple trips (and bring other people for their opinions) to make sure your decision is the right one.
  • It’s easier for the professionals to get to your place. Yes, with GPS and apps nobody gets lost any more. But if your site is within an hour of your stone company, it’s much easier for them to schedule a visit to take measurements to template the stone and answer any questions that may need to have a professional on site to answer.
  • Your neighbors have probably already used Granite and Marble Works for their counters. The closer you are to your stone company, the more likely that you know someone who has done business with the company. Sure you can ask for referrals (and please ask us), but what better way to get a good idea of the work we do than by visiting a previous customer’s kitchen and talking to them about the experience (and how the counters have held up).
  • It makes any post-installation service simple. If you have any questions regarding your counters you can either call or swing by the offices and ask. If there is something you wish to have a professional look at in person (we understand, these counters are an investment – we want to make sure you are completely satisfied), they’re just a short drive away so it is simple to schedule.

Want to learn more about the advantages of working with a local stone company like Granite and Marble Works? View a gallery of our work, read about our process and contact us. We’re proud to be a full-service manufacturer and installer of stone here is the Saratoga area. And we’re happy to walk you through the process to make sure you are comfortable with before we get started on your project.

Granite and Marble Works is located just outside of downtown Saratoga Springs, minutes from exit 16 of the Northway. Our office and warehouse are convenient to get to for anyone in the Capital Region, and we are open six days a week.

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