Granite Countertops Are Ideal for Kitchens

Black Marinace
Brown Marinace
Brown Silk
Delicatus White
Golden Beach
Magma Gold
Netuno Bordeaux

Granite is one of the most popular stones for a kitchen countertop. Not only does it come in an array of beautiful colors, textures and patterns, but it also provides a surface that has hardness and durability approaching that of diamond. One of the reasons you see so many people choosing granite for their countertops is because it can withstand extremely high heat (up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit). Granite is virtually scratch-proof which provides a perfect surface for the kitchen. This durability is also great for bathroom counters. Granite will add a unique, elegant look to any master bath or guest bathroom. Its durability and resilience means that cleaning your countertops will be effortless.

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