When to Choose Natural Vs Manufactured Countertops

Our Wilton, NY showroom boasts both a wide selection of engineered quartz made with synthetic materials such as Corian, Formica, and porelain and natural stones like granite,  and marble. Beyond the choice of color there are five main factors between man-made countertops and natural stone slabs.

Environmental Impact:

Made primarily from non-renewable resources like acrylic, and polyester resins, the production and manufacturing of synthetic countertops are very energy-intensive, and the materials are not recyclable. Natural stone, on the other hand, is Mother Nature’s original “green” building material… 100% recyclable.


Most people consider natural stone to be a more expensive option. Not only can natural stone be affordable and comparable in price to man-made products, but its resilience proves cost-effective over time. Synthetic material, on the other hand, requires periodic replacement and costly repairs. Natural stone will last a lifetime.

Return on Investment:

Natural stone has a high return on your investment when it comes time to sell your house. Granite ranks very high on the typical buyer’s wish list. Synthetic countertops won’t be as appealing to some buyers.


If you’re trying to match apples to apples, nothing can reach the luster and depth of real granite or natural stone. Synthetic materials are merely imitations of the real stuff. Because granite is a natural stone, no two countertops are alike. Your countertop will have a distinct design and pattern. Color selection for natural stone is generally more extensive. With man-made products, a certain color is produced exactly the same every time.


Synthetic countertops are vulnerable to heat, dents, discoloration, and scratches. Granite is naturally hard and strong, and offers a high level of resistance to staining, scratching, and heat.

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