The Truth About Sealing Stone Countertops

The question, “How do you seal stone countertops?” comes up quite frequently with customers. It’s true that you don’t have to seal engineered quartz countertops, but the supposed “hassle” of routinely sealing natural stone materials like granite, marble, and quartzite has been greatly exaggerated by. . . MARKETING (courtesy of manufacturers of competing countertop surfaces and producers of stone sealers).

The truth is, the “sealing” issue should not be a relevant factor when deciding between countertop materials.

DEFINITION: Sealers are below-surface, penetrating-type products (better referred to as “impregnators”), designed to fill the pores of the stone to inhibit staining agents from being absorbed by it.

Most of the stone at GRANITE & MARBLE WORKS is resin-treated at the factory, adding a layer of protection to the stone before we receive it. When we install your granite or marble countertop, the last step we take is to apply a permanent sealant to provide an extra barrier against liquid absorption. You shouldn’t have to do anything more to your stone, besides enjoy a care-free lifetime of use!

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